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Nirvana – A Visit to Pinckney Bend Distillery

In keeping with the name of this blog I think it appropriate I relate the story of our little road-trip to my favorite gin maker over the July 4th weekend. As many of you know, I am a gin snob … Continue reading

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Tuna Nicoise

This is a classic dish. When my sister and I traveled through Morocco some years ago we ate this for lunch many times. My friend, Deb, and I also enjoyed many fabulous variations on this recipe when as wild, young … Continue reading

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Grilled Pork Chops with Mango Chutney

These pork chops can be prepared an hour ahead and kept warm wrapped in foil. The chutney is my Grandma’s recipe and can be made weeks ahead if you wish. The pork chops should not be overcooked. There should be … Continue reading

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Steak and Guinness Pie

This is a great Entree/Main Course for the Inebriated Epicurean in either the Northern Hemisphere where the nights are still cool, or the Southern Hemisphere where summer nights are giving way to cool autumn evenings. The recipe can be prepared … Continue reading

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Smoked Oyster Paté

This pate is a fabulous first course/starter you can make the day prior to your dinner. Perfect for the Inebriated Epicurean who likes to fully enjoy the evening without concerns about limp souffles or small kitchen fires, each of which … Continue reading

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Fun Miscellany

Inebriated Epicureans love their guests to have a good time and much jocularity is often to be had when they entertain. As eating and laughing at the same time can be problematic, it is prudent for Inebriated Epicureans to be … Continue reading

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Coq au Vin

Welcome Inebriated Epicureans! Here I will be sharing fabulous prepare-ahead recipes for hosts who love to both entertain and indulge in the delights of good wine and beers with their guests. Coq au Vin is one of my favorite recipes … Continue reading

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