The Rise of Craft Distilleries (out of the bathtub and into polite company!)

I am a gin snob and proud of this! If you had told me a year ago that I would be extolling the virtues of a gin produced deep in Daniel Boone country I would have pronounced you crazy. However, I have become a fan of a Missouri gin produced by Pinckney Bend Distillery, a beautiful blend of 9 botanicals with fresh juniper and complex citrus notes This discovery has opened my eyes to the myriad of craft distillers who have moved far beyond producing moonshine in their bathtubs to being artisans producing small hand-crafted batches of exquisite spirits. I have long been a fan of San Francisco Anchor Steam’s Junipero Gin and I will always enjoy Junipero in a dry martini. While I am not a huge vodka fan I really enjoyed tasting www.mastermindvodCraft, a clean-tasting vodka produced in Southern Illinois, recently. As well as supporting our local vintners and brewers, let’s also support our local craft distillers who are honing their craft and producing fabulous results. Next time you are purchasing your gin/vodka/bourbon, look past your usual drop and branch out and try one of the hand-crafted spirits being produced locally one batch at a time.

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