Dessert Wines aka “Stickies”

This week I want to talk about an oft overlooked treat – the dessert wine.  The Aussies refer to these wines as  Stickies, due to their sticky or viscous mouthfeel (nobody ever accused the Aussies of over-thinking language!). A very popular Australian Sticky is the De Bortoli Noble One, a Botrytis Semillon. For you wine geeks out there, the grapes of botrytised wine have been affected by noble rot, or botrytis cinea. How yummy is this sounding right about now? It actually produces a fabulous dessert wine as the rot dehydrates the grapes producing a small drop of sweet nectar. Ice Wines are also dessert wines and these grapes have been left on the vine until hit by the first frost of the season, whereby freezing the grape (I am pretty sure even wine idiots could have figured that out!). Another dessert wine you may want to wow your guests with is a late harvest chardonnay. I have mentioned the Acacia Late Harvest Chardonnay on this blog previously and it is one of our favourites. If you are trying for the pretentious tosser award of the evening, serve something like a black muscat. The Ferrari-Carano Eldorado Noir is a particularly fabulous one to serve to achieve this! And, yes, that photo is of a bottle we currently have in our wine collection! You can serve these dessert wines with dessert or I like to serve them after dessert to finish the meal. Cheers!

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  1. Kat says:

    I am always loving to try new dessert wines – I definitely agree they’re under appreciated.

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