Mango Daiquiri

Here in the U.S we have a heat wave across much of the country. A perfect way for Inebriated Epicureans to ease the effects of the heat is to imbibe this refreshing Mango Daiquiri. When in Australia for Christmas, this is my special ‘gift opening on Christmas morning’ drink which always gets rave reviews, and after a few of these beverages¬† gifts which at first appeared to be uninspired can seem quite cool and groovy!¬† We would tell my Grandmother, a strict Presbyterian,¬† that it was mango punch, but my Mum would make sure she was kept away from it! My Aunt Val has made a special request for me to include this recipe on my blog, so here it is. Cheers!

For each person blend 1/4 cup crushed ice, flesh of one mango, 2 fl oz/60ml good quality white rum, 1 fl oz/30ml lemon juice and a splash of cointreau in a blender until smooth. Either serve immediately, or put in the freezer for 30 mins for a frozen daiquiri.

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2 Responses to Mango Daiquiri

  1. Lynne says:

    One of the wonderful things about a Wilbraham family Christmas! Yummy Mango daiquiri and the obligatory afternoon snooze!

  2. val says:

    Thanks so much Nerida for the Mango Daiquiri recipe. I’ll be making this for sure at the next family Christmas gathering. ( maybe before that!) The Daiquiri brings back all those wonderful memories of our joint Christmas gatherings, and a few other gatherings as well!!

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